Please rinse out recycling containers, just a little bit of effort will reduce the smell in your recycling bin and make sure your bin doesn’t attract unwanted guests.

  Please remove plastic bottle lids, pumps, rings and caps. This makes them easier to compact in your bin, and also helps in separation, The bottle tops are made of different materials then the plastic bottles.

  It helps to break down cardboard boxes, so they take up less room in your recycling bin.

  If you recycle shredded office paper we will need you to put it in a bag, so we can sort it from the other papers being recycled. The recycling center bales shredded office paper separately.

  Donate unwanted clothes, toys and household goods to a charitable organization or homeless shelter. Worn out clothes can be turn into rags for household cleaning.

  Compost your kitchen and garden waste at home. This could reduce your waste by 25% and fertilize your soil in your garden in the process.

  Buy product in packaging that you know can be recycled.

  When shopping take your own reusable shopping bags.

  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rebuy!  People are recycling, companies are collecting the materials and making new products from those materials. The last step is to buy retail products made from recycled materials, close the loop and support recycling at home and at work, buy quality recycled products.