Payment: Cash or Check Only


Gate Fee rate for regular solid waste
$34.00 per ton

Residential loads under 580 lbs.
minimum charge is $10.00

Commercial loads under 2,000 lbs.
minimum charge is $34.00
The use of tractor for unloading
$7.00 per load

The use of backhoe for unloading
$20.00 per load

Uncovered and unsecured loads
$15.00 per load*

*see uncovered and unsecured load policy page

Appliance & Electronic Disposal

Includes air conditioners (window and central), clothes dryers, clothes washers, dehumidifiers, freezers, furnaces, stoves, microwaves, dishwashers, refrigerators, and water heaters
$15.00 each


Computer Printers
$5.00 each

Computer Towers
$10.00 each

Computer Monitors
$15.00 each

TVs 23″ and smaller
$15.00 each

TVs 24″ and larger
$20.00 each

Large Copiers
$35.00 each

Tire Disposal

Chopped Tires
$50.00 per ton

ATV, Motorcycle and Lawn Mower Tires
$1.00 each

Car & Pickup Truck Tires (15 inch and smaller)
$2.00 each

Pickup Truck, Implement or Wagon (16 inch and larger)
$5.00 each

Straight, Semi, Truck Tires
$7.00 each

Super Single Semi Truck tires or Large Implement or Wagon
$14.00 each

Tractor rear, Front wheel assist (up to 37 inches or 23-31 inches)
$20.00 each

Combine, Grain Cart or 24 inch Grader or Payloader
$20.00 each

Tractor rear (38 inches and larger)
$30.00 each

Combine, Grain Cart (32 inches or larger)
$30.00 each

Terra Gator Tire
$50.00 each

Large volume of Tires
$.08 cents/lb or $160.00 per ton

Solid Forklift Tires
$.10 cents/lb or $200.00 per ton

Off-road/ dirt moving Tires (larger than farm rears)
$.15 cents/lb or $300.00 per ton

With rims add
$5.00 extra each