Mobile Trailer

HHM Mobile Events

Akron:              Thursday, April 12   9a-12p             City Shop

Sutherland:      Friday, April 28   9a-11a                  City Shop

Paullina:           Monday, May 1  9a-11a                   City Shop

Hawarden:       Friday, May 5   1p-4p                      Street Dept. Shop

Hull:                 Tuesday, May 9   1p-3p                    910 Main Street

Fostoria:           Wednesday, May 10  9a-11a           City Park Parking Lot

Ireton:               Thursday, May 11  1p-3p                Fire Station Parking Lot

Archer:              Monday, May 15

Rock Valley:      Wednesday, May 24  9a-12p           City Hall

Inwood:              Thursday, June 15  11a-1p             City Shop

Rock Rapids:     Wednesday, June 21  9a-11a           City Shop

Sheldon:              Tuesday, September 12  3p-6p       City Hall

Northwest IA Area Solid Waste Agency provides a mobile household hazardous material collection trailer for communities and counties that request the service in our service area. This program allows increased participation by the public that may not travel the distance to the Regional collection center.  The Agency believes the mobile program is a viable solution for the rural areas; because the Agency service area covers 44 communities in 5 counties. With the help from staff and volunteers the HHM mobile trailer is able to support local communities with environmentally safe way to dispose of household hazardous waste.