Glass: not recyclable

Plastics:Styrofoam, plastic wrap, shopping bags, fast food containers, rigid plastics, disposable adult & baby diapers, plastic toys, PVC pipe, Landscape plastic materials, # 6-7 plastics.

Paper: Waxed Paper, waxed coated cardboard, corrugated plastic signs, used paper plates, cups, napkins, tissues, toilet paper,paper towels, frozen food and juice containers.

Paint Cans: not recyclable. Dispose empty and dried out cans in the regular garbage.

Medical Wastes: are not recyclable and should not be disposed of in the garbage either. This includes infectious wastes, needles, and syringes, scapels, urine specimen bottles, donated blood bottles and needles. This material should be disposed of at a hospital incinerator and the sharps should be ground up.