Yard waste

Definition of yard waste: grass clippings, leaves, weeds, brush, branches, limbs, trees, Christmas trees, plants or vegetables not considered to be food waste.

Since 1991 State Law prohibits the landfill disposal of yard waste.

NWIASWA does not accept yard waste, but many communities in the Agency service area provide a location for residents to dispose of their trees and yard waste. For more information contact your city office for details.

Disposal alternative for yard waste:

  • Mulching grass clippings and leaves
  • Chipping brush and branches
  • Back yard composting

Back yard composting is a great way to recycle all types of yard waste and provide a free source of a nutrient rich soil for your garden, flower beds and landscaping. Composting helps soil erosion and protect plants in hot & dry and cold & dry conditions.

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