Swap Shop

Items accepted at the HHM facility that are still usable and may be used by others, will be set aside in the SWAP Shop. These items will be available for residents to take and use for household projects.

The following good condition items will be made available in the SWAP Shop depending on availability

  • Drain Cleaners
  • Floor & Rug Cleaners
  • Sanitizers
  • Glue Contact Cement
  • Post & Craft Paints
  • Rust Removers
  • Fertilizers (households)
  • Pool Chemicals
  • Garden Products
  • Oil-Based Paints
  • Latex Paints
  • Stains & Varnishes
  • Brake Fluids
  • Strippers & Thinners

When you are removing items from the SWAP shop, you will be required to sign a waiver and complete a SWAP Shop form. This helps staff track the materials the facility has kept out of the landfill.