Special waste


  • Northwest Ia. Area Solid Waste Agency will accept asbestos containing material for Landfill¬†¬† disposal in accordance with State and Federal regulations.
  • The asbestos waste generators must call the Agency 24 hours in advance to arrange disposal. The Agency will inform the contractor or hauler when the asbestos may be delivered, so the Landfill staff can prepare.
  • Asbestos material needs to meet all State and Federal regulations for transportation. A waste shipment manifest must be presented to the scale house before each load is accepted. Any load brought to the Landfill that did not follow the above mentioned procedure will be rejected. (Waste Shipment Manifest Form PDF)
  • No asbestos waste generated from outside the NWIASWA solid waste planning area will be accepted.
  • It is the responsibility of the asbestos waste Generator/ Property owner, Removal Contractor and Transporter to be knowledgeable of, and assure their activities are conducted in compliance with State and Federal Regulations.
  • For asbestos disposal fees and more information on asbestos disposal contact NWIASWA 712-324-4026

Petroleum contaminated Soils

  • Northwest Ia. Area Solid Waste Agency accepts petroleum contaminated soils in accordance with the requirements of the IDNR and as detailed in the Landfill permit.
  • The Generator must provide a copy of the petroleum contaminates from a certified testing lab and if known, the concentration of the petroleum product in the soil.
  • The Generator must call the Agency 24 hours in advance to arrange disposal. Acceptance may be delayed if inclement weather prevents access to the treatment area.
  • All contaminated soils must be free of concrete, rock, debris, metal, etc. that might prevent the proper spreading and aerating of soil as required by the IDNR permit.
  • All soil must be free of liquids and must be able to pass the paint filter test.

Industrial Special Waste

  • Industrial generated waste must obtain a Special Waste Authorization from the IDNR in Des Moines at 515-281-7982 before being allowed to dispose of such wastes at our Landfill. (Special Waste Authorization Form PDF)