Landfill items

The following items may be disposed of at the landfill, but are to be kept separate from the garbage.

Tires: Tires can be brought to the Landfill, but are to be disposed of on the tire pile only. For tire fees please check out our Tire Disposal Section on our fees page.

Used Oil: We have a tank for the disposal of used oil at the landfill.

Lead Acid Batteries: We have a separate area for the storage of used lead acid batteries or you can bring them to a scrap metal dealer in your area.

Metals: Ferrous and Nonferrous: Iron, tin, and white goods can be taken to scrap metal dealers in your area. We accept these items and they are to be kept separate from the garbage and brought to the appropriate areas.

Latex Paints: We do not accept liquid paint. We will accept latex paint containers if the lid is removed and the interior is dry. To dry out paint, pour kitty litter or floor-dri into the paint can to absorb the paint. Then dispose of it in the trash. If you have excess paint, give it away to a neighbor or friend. Refer to Hazardous Household Materials for disposal of oil base paint.

Household Chemicals: Use it up for the intended use of the product or give the reminder to a neighbor or friend. If the container is empty, you can dispose of it in the garbage. The regional collection center for Household Hazardous Material is open and located at the landfill site. Please call for an appointment and for further information.