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Uncovered and Unsecured Loads Policy

All loads coming in to the Northwest Iowa Area Solid Waste Agency must be covered and secured in a manner that prevents littering on public roadways. Any loads uncovered and unsecured or not totally enclosed will be charged an extra $15.00 a load. If customers continually violate the secured load rule other actions will be taken, and could include the loss of Northwest Iowa Area Solid Waste Agency services.

  • An appropriate cover is not limited to a tarp but may be plywood, carpet, or some other material, which entirely covers the load and is securely tied down.
  • Tarps that are shredded or are no longer able to adequately cover load will be considered non-compliant.
  • Tarps that are tied so loosly as to allow material to fall or blow out will be considered non-compliant.
  • Trailers without sides and Hay racks will be considered non-compliant.
  • All loads to the landfill must be covered and secured from the point of origin.
  • All trucks, pickups, trailers and wagons must also have a tailgate and it must be closed completely.
  • All trailers and wagons must be in good condition with no holes and have solid floors and sides with completely closed endgate.
  • All livestock trailers must be covered and secured in a manner that prevents litter escaping the slat holes on the side and back of the trailer.
  • Loads must be covered even if waste is in bags or containers.
  • Exceptions– if not mixed with other types of waste or recyclables, appliances and tires do not need to be tarped. However they must be secured in such a manner that they will not fall or blow from delivery vehicle.
  • Secured Load Policy also applies to recyclable materials.