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Plastics: The two basic varieties of plastic that are being recycled are clear and colored plastics. This includes milk jugs, dishwashing liquid bottles, laundry bottles, shampoo bottles, antifreeze jugs and any container that holds a liquid numbered 1-5. The separated plastic should be cleaned and rinsed as much as possible and have the lids and rings taken off.

Paper and Cardboard: Newsprint, computer, white ledger, brown paper shopping bags, glossy magazines, catalogs and phone books (1/2 inch or less), cereal, pop & beer boxes, shoe boxes, and corrugated cardboard are acceptable.  Please keep material dry and don’t put out for collection on rainy days.

Tin Cans: Any tin food container should be separated from the regular garbage. These containers should be rinsed and cleaned as much as possible.

Aluminum Containers: Pet food cans. Non-refundable aluminum cans. Rinse and clean out the containers.